So I had a little chat with the five-year old and explained that earth day was about thinking about how to protect the earth and that one of the ways we could do this was by using less electricity. That led into the conversation about no TV next week. Not that we watch much TV but I think we could benefit from thinking about how we use it in our lives. I know that I have used it to get things done, to turn off when I’ve had a long day, and I think my son likes to veg in front of it sometimes too. Have you ever see Yo Gabba Gabba and other shows that try to get kids to move around? Good concept but not so great in practice. I have yet to see him actually move while watching TV. The closest has been when he yells at Dora or Diego. Sheesh! Definitely a positive thing to turn it off for a week. I’m also going to try to limit my computer time to an hour a day. That one will be hard!

We talked about the kinds of things that we could do instead and here is our list of goals:

1. Play together more. I’m talking about unstructured stuff where he makes the rules. I’ve been reading this book and I hope to implement some of the ideas in it more next week.

2. Make things. Lots of crafty ideas are out there on the web. I am also making some aprons for my son’s school, and planning some spring curtains and throw pillows. I’m hoping to have lots of making time both together and apart.

3. Spring Clean. Windows. Cupboard doors. Junk Drawers . . . This kind of stuff makes me giddy and I know the label maker and rubbermaid bins will be involved. A garage sale just may be required too.

4. Get a rain barrel and set it up. This one ties more into the whole earth day theme but it’s still something that I hope to do next week. Especially considering that it’s storming outside right now.

Wish us luck!


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