finishing up

This past weekend I managed to finish up a few projects and complete one start to finish. I usually get to sew for a maximum of fifteen minutes at a time before somebody needs me so it was a luxury to have over an hour to myself while the baby slept and the preschooler was outside building with daddy.

My little one spits up a lot. I made a bunch of bibs to save myself some laundry. The fabric mostly came from here and a local discount fabric outlet. The flannel back really makes them comfy and easy to wear. Here they are waiting for their snaps. I need to wait for a moment when the baby is awake and doesn’t need me to hammer them in.


The next thing that I finished was a tote bag that I started a few weeks ago made with a nice cotton print and some denim. I played with the dimensions so that it would accommodate picture books and added a little pocket on the outside for a library card. The handles are long enough to fit over the handle on my stroller. The perfect little library bag. Coincidentally, the outside pocket also fits my nano so when I go back to work I will be able to use it as my everyday bag.


I also managed to cut and sew a dress from start to finish using some leftover linen in my stash. It was so satisfying to make something without buying anything! The pattern is really easy to use and fits very well. I have made three tops already and practically wear them everyday. They are very forgiving of my post-partem body. It looks much better on. I do own an iron but only use it on the rarest of occasions (mostly for pressing seams).


Isn’t it amazing what you can do with an hour!


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