Despite the fact that my hardworking hubby had to work tonight, we had a wonderful family weekend full of magic.

I was able to sneak away on Saturday afternoon for my first ever professional hair dye job. For oh so many months I’ve been hankering to cover up the 12 grey hairs that frame my face and feel like blobs of paint on jeans. The colour is great but my scalp is still a bit itchy and my hair smells like chemicals and air freshener. I am told this will pass. I really had to fight the urge to cancel but in the end I was able to leave the baby for over two hours! We are all fine and well, although he did miss me a little.

I was also able to get a lot of sewing done while Sacha napped and Will and daddy finished building the second of two garden boxes. Now to fill them! Here are the hardworking team. Notice how the foreman looms over the builder to ensure high quality workmanship.


More about the sewing later. I haven’t had a chance to take pictures yet.


We topped it all off with Sacha’s first trip to the aquarium. William has been begging me to take him but it really is a two parent kind of place. We were treated to a rousing concert by some local talent and had lunch by the beluga habitat before wandering around in the park. It was a wonderful sunny day for it.

Once daddy had a group bath with the boys (another first but I won’t torture you with photos) and headed off to work, William and I watched a movie. He really couldn’t understand why grown-ups have such a hard time understanding that magic really is all around us. I told him that sometimes grown-ups get too busy with their work and can’t see the magic. “But I’ m not too busy working”, he said as he toiled away on his lego model. So matter-of-fact and unquestioning about the existence of magic. I felt a little of that today thanks to my family and the wonderful moments that we shared.


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