growing up


I had my second parent teacher interview today. I can’t believe how nerve-wracking these can be. I feel like I am in the spotlight too. I think my own worries about fitting in at school come up each time. This time I tried to prevent any sensitive feelings on my part by bringing along my husband for moral support. It was great for him to hear the teacher’s comments. And now I know that we are on the same page.

Our oldest is doing really well in school. He will be getting a reader after spring break! I am so proud that my crazy, little, energetic boy has the ability to concentrate on reading at four and a half. I’m confident that his writing skills will improve once he figures out the intricacies of left-handedness. I feel like we will all be graduating along with him in June. Gosh – what will kindergarten be like, high school, university? I’m going to need to do some serious meditating if I’m going to get through it all with my sanity.

On that note, I just finished reading this book. It was was so engaging that I raced through it and then I felt disappointed when it was finished. So many insights and reminders. Lots of good stuff for a mom who struggles with patience and acceptance. I’m now moving into gardening mode and reading this book which outlines crop rotation for small gardens and I’m trying this. I hope to get the boxes built this weekend and then planting by April.

Speaking of growing. The littlest one cut his first tooth today. I’m so happy and relieved for him. But now the nursing fun starts for me!

Lots of growing for me, my little ones and hopefully our garden!


2 responses to “growing up

  1. Those conferences are hard, because it always feels like your parenting is being judged, too! It is difficult not to put yourself on the spot there. My playschool teachers told me (at our first meeting) that I was the only parent who wasn’t concerned about academics, but about behavior, and that perhaps I needed to chill a bit. The second meeting went much, much better.

    Have fun with your garden- your boys will LOVE it. Planting, watching, then eating! Especially Mr. Farmer-in-training!

  2. Well we knew master William was in good shape, now, didn’t we. : )

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