We survived the weekend!


A very busy weekend full of firsts. On Saturday the littlest one had his first taste of rice cereal mixed with mamma’s milk. He loved sucking it off my finger. With his little red teething cheeks and his sore gums it was nice to offer him something that comforted him so much. He also really showed interest in the jolly jumper. He wants to go in it first thing each morning.

The little one is turning five next Sunday. Five is such a big leap in a little boy’s life. Over the last few months we have seen him reading and starting to write. He is growing more independent every day with daily struggles with mom and dad over how things should be done. Thankfully, this is balanced by his crazy sense of humour which also continues to develop. I think he is starting to get the concept of knock-knock jokes. I’m hopeful that we will find just the right kindergarten for his exuberant little self. We had his birthday party this weekend. There was only one injury and a few hurt-feeling tears but nobody threw up. All signs that our little ones are growing up. Definitely a good decision to have it at the community centre. There was lots of room for running around and getting out all of that rainy weekend pent up energy. We had a wonderful party coordinator who really got into the hot wheels theme. She set up cars, and bikes for the kids to race around in the gym and made a pin the wheel on the car game. The cake I was so worried about turned out great too! Now I just have to get over this cold that settled in right after the party.

With all of the birthday party planning I haven’t had time to take photos of the wonderful things that our miniswap partners sent us. Last week we received a jam-packed envelope full of goodness – an apron apliqued with a “w”, and little canvas bag full of vegetable seeds, a dinosaur playset, a “David” book, some stickers and other crafting things, and a t-shirt with a tractor freezer stencil. Melissa did you know that William wanted to be a farmer? Thanks so much for such thoughtful gifts! I promise I will post photos soon!


One response to “We survived the weekend!

  1. I’m so pleased William liked his swap. ALL kids love planting seeds- I guess the tractor tee was just fortuitous! Nash wore his today!
    Can’t wait to read more from you in the weeks to come!

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