I feel a little like a two-timer. I needed to create a blog for my design class so I’ve been spending more time there than here. But now I’m ready to share! We’ll see how the two blog thing goes. I have my suspicions . . .

The new blog is more about my working process and is intended to share my student work, inspiration, process etc. I think I’ll keep our family adventures here for now.


You can find it at woodtextilestudio(dot)wordpress(dot)com.

I have to say I’ve been enjoying the chance to do it all again without making the same mistakes I made the first time. Hope you like it! I’d love to hear some feedback.



A few weeks ago, we made a little trip to Calgary where we saw this amazing sculpture by Jaume Plensa. I wish we could have seen it at night but even in the sun it was spectacular. Truly a wonderland. I kept having the urge to wrap it a la Christo! There was a little boy playing inside when we were there. I loved watching him engage with it. He didn’t want to leave. To me, this is the best of public art.





to this day

Thank you Shane. Thank you for reminding me to be kinder. For reminding me that mean words hurt just as much as any physical pain. And for reminding me that inner strength and believing in myself can help me move past it all.






We enjoyed a beautiful vacation in the mountains a few weeks ago. The conditions were perfect for a little snowshoeing and some ski lessons for the boys. The crystals in the snow were very inspiring. I’m using crystalline shapes in my next piece. I can’t think this is a coincidence.

I haven’t really been taking photos lately. These are all Peter’s photos. I guess my mind is either on textiles or photos but not both. I’ll try to get some photos up of current projects soon.


colour swatch-container copy

My ever talented partner in life shared a little trick with me for creating colour palettes using the eye dropper tool in illustrator. So fun! I imagine this must be how those clever people at Design Seeds do it. I so love their palettes but it’s nice to create my own purpose specific ones to keep with my project files.

I’m using this palette based on a painting from Brian Wildsmith’s 123’s in the surface design project I’m currently working on. I love getting colour inspiration from children’s books. I think I’m going to have to do one for Caps for Sale next!



Thought I would share another project from last term. These are two little baskets that I made using twining and coiling techniques. At this point I am still using a fairly neutral palette so I can focus on the technique as opposed to colour.


The first one is made with sisal twine and wired paper rope and the second is made with fabric cording and wool. While they are not necessarily useful baskets, I like their texture and I can see how to improve on them.

Each time I gain access to a new technique or idea I feel like I’ve found my life’s work and I am keen to go out and buy all the equipment and get going. But now that I have learned this about myself I am committed to waiting until I have gone a little further along in the program before committing to something. I’m still not sure where it will all lead but I am enjoying the journey and feel ever so lucky to be here.

this is where I go

Local artist Laura Bucci has just announced a new community art project involving mail art. I was so lucky to have participated in one of her collage button making workshops. I can’t wait to see what she does with this latest adventure.

These amazing postcards by Riitta Ikonen have me wondering how a stitched postcard would fair. I just might have to participate.

Go here for more information on how to get involved.